Exalted: Tales of the Dreaming Sea

The Waking of Kagada-Shar

(Story Arc)

The following took place during Calibration in RY 768

While celebrating at the Silver Maiden tea house on the first night of Calibration the circle was alerted to the presence of a thief in the teahouse stealing a special blend of Five Fortunes tea used to usher in a new year. Rushing out back after the thief the chosen became involved in a chase across the rooftops of Azure Alley into the streets of Blackwater Bay.

There on a crumbling rooftop of an old warehouse they confronted the thief who’s flaming anima made it very clear she was a exalted as well; one of the Dragon-Blooded. Before they could react, however, her flames and their weight caused the roof of this building to give way causing them to crash to the ground inside where they found a group of reanimated skeletons ritually slaughtering innocent people. In the commotion the Fire Aspect had escaped but left the tea behind. Knowing they couldn’t abide the murder of these victims, and wanting to get to the bottom of it, the Solars engaged with and destroyed the necromantic assassins and claimed the obsidian-glass daggers they left behind as clues to what was going on.

Their investigations lead them to speak with some of the locals of Blackwater and eventually Fahr Fara who both gave them reason to investigate the Scavenger Lord known as Wise Umasi. It was this interaction with the Fahr Fara that also lead the circle to be introduced to the ratman Scurries Freely who was sent by the Rat King of Blackwater to find aid them as he would not abide the murder of his people.

By the third day of Calibration the circle had learned that these strange, ritualistic sacrifices were happening across Champoor preparing a great necromantic working. They went to go interrogate Wise Umasi who’s cowardice showed through as he used a wonder to escape their pursuit in the Underworld and awaken monstrous ghosts to defend him. As the rest of the circle engaged with these restless spirits it was Jin-La who chased after Umasi into the Underworld to find out what he knew, managing to pounce on him and knock him out before he could escape.

However in the Underworld the unpredictable nature of Calibration caused the circle to get separated from one another when Seven Feather went looking for Jin-La. Meanwhile, T’dara, Ebai and Scurries encountered the tea thief from before who they learned was named Fading Ember. After some convincing by T’dara, she explained why she had done so and asked to put aside their differences to stop whatever was threatening the city. Meanwhile Ebai followed a group of the skeletal assassins he spotted into a pathway into the Underworld and nearly into the Labyrinth itself, escaping just before things took a turn for the worst.

Regrouping at the Silver Maiden, having lost a full day due to the odd movement of the stars within the Underworld, the circle regroup and through what Jin-La had pieced together, what Ember informed them, and what they got out of Umasi, they learned the Nirodha family, one of Champoor’s old aristocratic houses, were at the center of all this. They had made a deal with some necromancer to arrange this working to awaken some powerful entity within the Underworld as a way to destroy the Prasadi and weaken their hold on the city.

However it was too late to stop the ritual itself, the circle worked to quickly learn what they could and Ebai and Scurried made their way into the bizarre and dangerous manor of the Nirodha in Old Eclipse. There they managed to manage a daring theft of something given to the Nirodha by a strange old woman they would later learn to be the Abyssal necromancer who set all this in motion. This as well as other clues Jin-La was able to study and make sense of after being given some information by the goddess Thali Kama led them to realize what this was all about: The Nirodha were trying to raise a terrible creature known as Kagada-Shar, He Who is Armored in Contempt, who was imprisoned beneath an ancient manse in one of the city’s oldest Shadowlands.

This lead them to make their way into the Underworld and arrive at the climax of the ritual, engaging the towering, soulsteel-armored, monstrosity that was Kagada-Shar.


As T’dara, Ebai and Seventh Feather fought the necrotic behemoth and the hordes of death that served to defend it, Jin-La and Fading Ember rushed to enter the ancient manse was slowly rising off of Kagada-Shar’s burial ground and into the sky of the Underworld. There the Twilight and the Fire Aspect worked to disrupt the manse and send it crashing back down to bury the hekatonkhire and re imprison it.

During the battle Ebai was knocked unconscious causing T’dara to rush to his defense while Seventh Feather was left to stand against Kagada-Shar as they squared off one on one, pushing the Dawn caste to his limits as he struck down the unholy terror and drove it back into the pit just as Jin-La finished his efforts within the manse shutting down the flow of essence that was empowering it causing it to land back on top of Kagada-Shar ensuring he would remain imprisoned beneath it once more.

They then spent the final day of Calibration recuperating from their battle and ushering in the new year. Fading Ember decided to join them for the time being since their interests aligned and she had seen what they were capable of. Scurries Freely also decided to stick around them hoping to profit off of their power as chosen of the gods.


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