Exalted: Tales of the Dreaming Sea

Visiting Y'dana - Part I

(Story Arc)

The following takes place over the month of Ascending Wood and into the first two weeks of Resplendent Wood in RY 769

With Kagadar-Shar defeated the circle set their interests on other matters in the Nighted City. T’dara worked with the Nahjoma and the Fahr Fara to arrange a more stable relationship between the two and their two respective districts within Champoor. Jin-La begin looking into the ancient art of sorcery and a means to initiate himself into its practice. Ebai spent a couple of weeks recovering from his wounds with the help of Scurries Freely and his familiar Panya. While Seventh Feather distracted himself with whomever expressed an interest.

As the first few weeks of Ascending Wood came and went, Jin-La came across the name of an old sorcerer living in Y’dana named Silver Sparrow was could teach him more about the sorcerous arts. The circle agreed a trip out of the city could be a refreshing change of pace. So, along with Scurries and Fading Ember, they set off for the isles of Y’dana by way of the old coastal trade route since T’dara’s dislike of ships was something none of them wanted to argue. One evening along the way Seven Feather had an interesting encounter with a mysterious woman named Emerald that would linger in his thoughts for the rest of the trip.


Several days of travel finally brought the circle to the shores of Y’dana and as they crossed its impressive stone bridges to the main isle they started to realize the stories they had heard were very true. Y’dana was a place of peace and learning, where kindness and serenity could be found in the faces of all those they passed. To the native Champoori among the this was equally confusing and alarming. Except for Ebai who embraced the joyous nature of the city with reckless abandon.

While learning the lay of the land the circle was met by the Joyous monk Gati who showed them around and eventually introduced them to Chanda. Chanda accepted them with welcome arms and offered to put them up within one of the guest chambers in the great temple known as the Hearth of Bountiful Joy that they would soon learn was a potent manse.

Mingling with the people of Y’dana left Scurries, Feather and Jin-La convinced something was very wrong with the Y’danese. T’dara and Ebai however saw nothing wrong and went about their business enjoying their time away from the grim streets of Champoor. As evening fell on the first night in Y’dana, Chanda found them and led them to meet her father the beloved ruler of there people and the bearer of Bountiful Joy , the one known as Mahabala. It was no secret to Mahabala that these were chosen of the Unconquered Sun and after some questioning as to the nature of his lands and his people the old and wise No Moon shared with them his tale. He also asked as to whether or not they had come to lead these people, as was their right as Lawgivers, but the circle declined knowing their home was still in Champoor.

After meeting with Mahabala they came across Karanu who informed them that Y’dana was not as safe as his father might assure. He told them of the great soulsteel ship belonging to one of the Deathlords that had been seen sailing the unmoving waters of the underworld reflection of the Dreaming Sea, as well as the presence of the hideous old woman who they had encountered in Champoor and knew to be called The Beldame. Karanu also spoke of the encroaching might of the Ysyran armies who wished to spread their might across the shores of the southeastern sea. The circle heard Karanu out and let him know they would consider what they could do as none wanted to see the peace of Y’dana broken without good reason.


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