Fahr Fara

Rat King of Blackwater


The Rat King of Blackwater is beloved by the downtrodden. Long has he watched over those who can barely fend for themselves. He and his children watch over the ghettos of the sinking burrough keeping them safe. In return the Fahr Fara only asks for prayers and what offerings can be spared. In return his children defend the weak, feed the hungry, and tend the sick.

Many other powers in the city give the Rat King his due out of respect and possibly fear. Rats are everywhere within Champoor and every one of them are his eyes and ears. The Fahr Fara is an old, powerful vermin lord who may seem like a corpulent, disgusting wannabe noble but that’s just an act. He’s wiser, more powerful and more vicious than most realize.

Why the Fahr Fara only takes interest in Blackwater and doesn’t often meddle in the affair of other burroughs is unknown. It’s possible that he has some truce with Tenepeshu or that he is actually part of her Court of Secrets.

Fahr Fara

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