Grandmother Ulo

Mistress of the Copper Spiders


Few have ever met Grandmother Ulo face to face unless they are one of her Copper Spiders. Instead she chooses to remain hidden at the heart of a web of intrigue and information at the heart of Champoor. As such nothing happens in the City Under the Veil that Grandmother Ulo is unaware of.

Those who have met Spider Queen are mystically bound never to speak of what they learned about her or her purpose. This of course has led to many rumors as to her nature, several likely spread by Ulo herself to keep people guessing. Stories of her being a Yozi worshiper, demon-blooded, one of the Anathema, even goddess of the Court of Secrets are all common place.

What is certain in all of this is that if you need to know something and can afford the price, her Copper Spiders are who you should turn to. They know many of Champoor’s secrets and and willing to sell them.

Grandmother Ulo

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