Hasafi Tesad

Inquisitor of the Pure Way of the Immaculate Faith


Tesad is the sole exalted son of the Hasafi family. He took his Second Breath as a Dragon-Blooded when he was a teenager studying to enter the great army of the Prasad empire. He married his family into prominence and has ensure his legacy through his two sons and one daughter.

Well into his 200s, Tesad witnessed the great Prasad army go up against one of the Anathema in battle and nearly decimate the army before it could be stopped. It was then that Tesad swore himself to the empire as an inquisitor. One who hunts abominations to see them either swear their loyalty to the empire or be destroyed.

Tesad has come to Champoor seeking rumors of Tepet who was cursed to become an Anathema and is hiding in the shadows. Tesad and his circle have come to find this one and give him the chance to redeem his soul in service to the greater cause of the Pure Way.

So far the satrap has been the only thing standing between him and the growing presence of the accursed in Champoor.

Hasafi Tesad

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