Bearer of Bountiful Joy, Lunar King of Y'dana


For three three centuries the people of Y’dana have known peace and prosperity. This is due to the guidance and leadership of Mahabala a No Moon Chosen of Luna.

The wise elephant Lunar often called Bountiful Joy was once a Full Moon warrior who fought violently against the threats of Creation for hundres of years. Until he saw something that made him realize the futility of war and violence. He tore his own moonsilver tattoos from his skin and went on a sojurn across Creation to seek enlightenment.

When he returned he was now a No Moon and branded himself with new tattoos as a sign of his commitment to the search for further enlightenment and the path of Luna’s wisdom. He arrived in Y’dana to find it overrun by warlords fighting over petty concerns and over many years drew them away from that self-destructive path and onto the road of salvation and harmony. These would-be conquerors laid down their arms and became ascetic monks who followed Mahabala as their sifu.

Y’dana was transformed from a war-torn nation-state into one that embraces the path of reflection, spiritual transformation, the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom and above all else peace. Many who have suffered loss and lost their way seek our Y’dana and the guidance of Mahabala and his disciples.

However, times are changing in Y’dana. Karanu, third eldest son of Mahabala, has decided to reject his father’s path and believes that Creation’s true nature is bound in conflict and suffering and only when all that is removed can true peace be found. He has begun rallying younger Y’danans and others of his family to his cause – championing the idea of liberating Creation from it’s own violent nature through whatever means it takes.

Mahabala has not acted against his son or those who follow him. Believing each must walk their own path. This has many concerned that if Karanu becomes more bold and aggressive his father will not stand in his way and it may break the last serenity and joy that Y’dana ha known.


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