Midnight Jewel

First among the Thirteen Petals of Champoor


Born to a poor family in Ember, Midnight Jewel lived most of her life in desperation until she came of age and her natural beauty drew the attention of a Prasadi noble who bought her from her family so she could travel with him in his harem. While such a life was not her ideal it was without struggle or suffering. However in time Jewel realized she felt like a caged songbird and longed for freedom.

When her noble lord relocated to Champoor to help back the satrap she seized an opportunity and fled his harem. She was found and taken in by Nahjoma. When her noble lord tracked her down it was Grand Madame and The Thirteen Petals who ensured he would trouble her no longer. Since then she has learned their ways and proven herself first amongst the Petals.

Jewel cannot speak. Her tongue was cut out by her noble lord as part of being accepted into his harem long ago as he preferred his women silent. However she can covey much with a glance or body language sometimes even more than words ever could.

Midnight Jewel

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