Grand Madam of the Blue Lantern District


Born in Gem and raised by a struggling firedust miner who died to bad case of fading ember when she was very young, Nahjoma came from nothing and has risen above most. Arriving in Champoor with nothing but the clothes on her back and now known as the Grand Madam of the city’s infamous blue lantern district. Some believe she has blessing of Venus herself, other think she is just an opportunist who’s gotten very lucky.

Either way, the madams of the Nighted City follow Nahjoma’s lead and do as she says. Under her guidance hey’ve managed to take control of their district from the gangs and crime lords who once controlled it. This of course has made many of the city’s criminals very displeased and put a very obvious target on Nahjoma. However currently has kept herself alive due to courting the affection of the murder goddess Thali Kama who has no tolerance for those who would disrupt her indulgence of earthly pleasures.


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