Ophris Yanath

Prasadi Satrap of Champoor


Ophris Yanath has been the acting satrap of Champoor for the last twenty three years, taking up the position shortly after his father was assassinated in his sleep. Rumor has it that Yanath may even be responsible for hiring the man who killed his father though if he was he made a good show of hunting down the assassin responsible and having him publicly executed and has made efforts to curb some of the Nighted City’s reputation.

Yanath is a cunning young Fire Aspect who has made sure to make powerful allies in the region and keep the Court of Secrets pleased. His dealings with the local spirits and crime lords have actually improved conditions in Champoor. A lot of this has been done with the backing of the wealth of influence of his fellow Prasadi nobles who have had an increased and more profitable position within the city ever since he came into authority.

However growing tensions and trouble in the city have recently kept the satrap busy putting out fires in hopes that all his work doesn’t go up in smoke. House Peleps pulling back its holdings and soldiers in Champoor to return to the Blessed Isle has left an absence that upstart criminals have rushed to fill, igniting old conflicts and turf wars that the enemies of the Prasadi see as tempting opportunity.

Ophris Yanath

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