Thali Kama

Goddess of Clandestine Murder


The Goddess of Clandestine Murder, Thali Kama, is or at least once was part of the Court of Secrets. However Thali Kama has become enamored with humans and their fleeting lives. She has abandoned most of her spiritual duties in pursuit of earthly pleasures and distractions. While by nature, she finds one human killing another in secrecy to be the most intimate act humans can commit, she knows the little death of sacrifice to vices and other sinful delights is a very personal self-destruction that is almost as beautiful as the taking of another mortal’s life.

Why the Court of Secrets permits Thali Kama to act as she does is very curious. Perhaps she knows too much or perhaps they fear how dangerous a murder goddess can be.

Thali Kama

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