The ancient city of Ashram lies in the sands west of the Dreaming Sea, carved from the cliff sides by an ancient sorcerer of the same name the city of Ashram has long been a distant and mysterious city ruled over by the god-blooded sages descended from the bloodline of Ashram.

Though nominally allied with Kamthahar, the people of Ashram tend to keep to themselves. They see themselves as the guardians of the relics and wonders left behind from ages past and as such many of its people are savants and scholars dedicated to understanding what came before. Many leave Ashram only to seek out lost knowledge and return with it that it may be safe-guarded within its stone walls.

Outside of fabled Mahalanka it is one of the foremost centers of learning and wisdom outside the control of the Scarlet Dynasty. Yet the people of Asrham see use of the knowledge they gather to be forbidden. Many of their eldest savants know enough of the First Age to never want to see Creation return to that time and yet their respect an reverence of the lore of the past is so great they cannot let it be lost from the world – should it ever be needed again.


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