Broken Vow


Long ago there was a city known as Esharra, an output at the far edge of Southeastern expanse of Creation. It was a distant outpost before arriving at the edge of the Wyld that was to be tamed. This shining jewel was the hope of the young Deliberative built upon around a glorious temple raised by the Dragon-Kings to honor the Unconquered Sun. It stood for the expansion of Creation into the unknown and to the might of the Sun’s chosen to tame the raw elements and spread civilization into the far borders of what had been wrought by those they had slain.

However in the later days of the First Age the city of Esharra had become a hotbed of unrest. Tension between the few remaining Dragon-Kings grew tense and a long war with the Amethyst Court was kept up as it amused both sides involved at the cost of many mortal lives.

By the time Usurpation reached Esharra they found it abandoned but blood drenched as if a great battle had happened yet no bodies remained. Despite how far removed it was none of the Chosen remained within its fortified manses. No ghosts lingered to speak of what happened. All that remained were deep cuts in the stairs of the great temple to the Unconquered Sun, gashes the width of a person’s body and as long as a city street. Mark that when viewed from the front gate of the city could be clearly read as the words “broken vow.”

Something about the city put the Dragon-Blooded and their armies at unease and they destroyed the roads leading to it and any trance that remained, hoping the city would be buried by time and forgotten. So it was and all through the Shogunate’s reign no record exists any visiting or attempting to reclaim the city.

It was not until the Contagion swept across Creation that the Amethyst Court took the city, amused at how the mighty Chosen had fallen and their once impenetrable cities were now abandoned and in ruins. However they did not hold it long. Their calcified armies still stand within the streets of Broken Vow, all facing the temple of the Unconquered Sun with fear in their eyes.

Centuries later a group of exiles banished from Palanquin discovered the city when they had no where else to turn. They found it untouched by age or overgrowth. Slowly over decades the city has grown and become a distant hope for truly wayward souls. One law above all others is held sacred in Broken Vow.

None may enter the Temple of the Unconquered Sun. None may speak his name or show reverence to him. Those who dwell within Broken Vow know why this must not be done and any who would dare are cut down for the greater good. For a cursed hangs over the city that it is named for a curse that must not be invoked else the past may repeat itself.

Broken Vow

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