Champoor (Underworld)


Champoor sees quite a lot of violence and death take place within its walls. It’s dark alleys are notoriously unsafe and many loses their lives beneath the veil of eternal night. It is not surprising then that the reflection of the city in the Underworld is thriving and that many growing shadowlands are hidden within its darkened streets.

The Five Rajas
The underworld city of Champoor has long been divided up by the Five Rajas, powerful ghosts who each rule over portions of the city. They are:

  • Eager Moonrat – Ruler of the borough of Eclipse, Eager Moonrat is a twisted, little man who has long extorted the old aristocratic families of Champoor. It is believed he was once a slave to one such family and has spent his death ensuring those families will suffer in the afterlife if he is not appeased. Until recently the remaining families offered him grave goods and the like to prevent any such issue but with their influence fading they have fallen behind and so Eager Moonrat has taken to using his power to steal what few grave goods are granted to their ancestors and tormenting those who can’t ‘pay up.’
  • Exultant Rishi – rules over Ivory Daggers and the nearby neighborhoods. Though she lays claim to a large portion of the city it’s territory no other Raja had interest in claiming. In the unwanted streets of southwestern Champoor the blind poet reigns, ruling over downtrodden souls and swaying them with her silver tongue. Rumor has it that Rishi was once a consort of Jatuh and she she was struck blind when he was bound into darkness. She seems quite mad at times but she protects her charges and they are fiercely loyal to her.
  • Indigo Spear – Controls Eastgate and much of Reverence. A skilled general Indigo Spear has ensured that the territory he controls is orderly and obeys the laws he has laid down, making it one of the safest parts of Champoor to die in. Those who die are drafted into the service of his Pyre Legion who he seeks to one day conquer all of the dead city and unite it under his reign. He is currently caught up a series of war games with Patient Ibis.
  • Patient Ibis – Raja of Catta, the Upper Docks and portions of Reverence. This ancient martial artist is master of styles that no living person in Creation remembers. She has held sway in Champoor for as long as it has been a city and many seek her out hoping she will mentor them in her ways. She rarely takes more than one student every few decades and spends most of her time in solitude contemplating the nature of Oblivion. She is only seen when a true challenge for her skill arises. Her reputation is enough to keep Catta’s denizens in check and to give Indigo Spear reason not to force her hand.
  • Vain Tsunami – Ruler of Solemn, Dust and most of Firedust. He was once an infamous pirate lord who who’s ship was torn apart by a powerful storm that was bartered for by a rival of his leaving his restless soul to wash up in Champoor. Clawing his way to power, Tsunami took over the underworld reflection of the Palace of Black Flame and has ruled over a large portion of the city since. It is said he has strong ties to the Deathlord known as The Howling Tempest of the Drowned Shores.

Known as Jatuh’s Price in the living world, Abyss is just as dark and uninviting and also contains a necropolis dedicated to the Neverborn and maintained by spectres. Unlike in Creation souls are free to come and go within this bounds of its darkness but many of the dead still fear the curse upon Jatuh and so avoid Abyss out of principle.

The Ashen Hand
A fighting pit as old as any ghost in the city. Brutal sport goes on here by ghosts who have honed their forms into violence shapes dedicated to their fighting styles. Only those who are truly devoted to martial prowess fight here as some of the dead martial artists he have developed techniques that can utterly destroy weaker souls.

Blackroot Grove
An enclosure of trees that has been sealed behind stone walls. It is said to be the resting place of the ghost of a powerful Exalt who does not wish to be disturbed. The only creatures ever seen entering it is a large strix that may in fact be the Chosen who dwells within. There are no gates or entrances into the grove though sometimes the strix flies out and flies across the city until it finds a soul to drag back to its nest.

Fallen Leaf Teahouse
The Underworld reflection of Azure Alley’s infamous Silver Maiden Teahouse. Ran by Burnished Silk who was the father of Eternal Oak’s wife. Silk is said to be able to read the stars of the Underworld in the leaves of his tea.

Known as Kamthari in Creation, this borough in the Underworld boasts many of the Southerners who have died within the city who had claimed this portion of Champoor as their own. Many of them predate the Prasad and have a disdain for the empire, often forcing their souls into labor when they arrive in the Underworld with few if any grave goods due to the lack of ancestor reverence within Prasadi culture.

The Gilded Bazaar
The most notorious marketplace in the Dreaming Sea. It deals solely in forbidden, dangerous and highly illicit goods. Walls of pure soulsteel surround the bazaar cutting it of from the lesser marketplace around it. Only those who pay the price of the gatekeepers of the bazaar may enter. The price for entry is set by an entity known as The Artist Bound in Chains of Onyx and Sapphire who it is said is bound to the bazaar and has been as long as it has existed. The bazaar has ties to the Timeless Order of Manacle and Coin who clearly has a vested interest in maintaining and are believed to provide the gatekeepers. All deals within the GIlded Bazaar are final and payments are rarely made in coin or jade.

The hekatonkhire known as Kagada-Shar had been imprisoned beneath the Manse of Faded Stars since the First Age. It was only when forces within Champoor conspired to raise the manse back into the sky of the Underworld was Kagada-Shar freed to wreck havoc on the dead city. The Shrouded Sons circle stopped Kagada-Shar and dropped the Manse of Faded Stars onto the hekatonkhire, sealing Kagada-Shar under it’s damaged structured for another age. Bits of the manse and the great hekatonkhire were strewn about after the impact and some daring ghosts have scavenged them for their own ends.

The Marazan Estate
The oldest aristocratic family of Champoor died off over a century and a half ago but their souls still linger. Their sprawling estate in the Underworld is the largest in Eclipse and is said to be the focal point of a powerful necromantic working arranged by the family before their bloodline ended.

Rasa’s Maw
Rasa’s Maw is to thank for the state of Blackwater Bay. Long ago a ghostly scavenger lord named Rasa uncovered something hidden in the bay and his tampering with it caused the dark waters of the Underworld to rise up and claim all the isles and structures that once stood there. This had even bled over into Creation exacerbating the flooded state of the bay’s islands.

The Sanguine Bagnio
A bordello of deathly pleasures that rarely sees customers now that in Creation Thali-Kama’s temple resides above it. In the Underworld it has become an bizarre ossuary filled with the remains of those who the goddess has witnessed die. Though the bordello still operates around this only very specific clientèle are willing to risk seeking pleasure in the crypts of the vengeful dead.

Champoor (Underworld)

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