Miscellaneous NPCs

Champoor – The Nighted City

  • Amaranth Vow – Underboss of the Hundred Whispers, loyal to the Thrice-Cursed Jackal Clan
  • Bitter Devil Tobusa – Underboss of Catta, loyal to the Thrice-Cursed Jackal Clan, operates out of the Twenty Tyrants opium den
  • Burnished Silk – owner of the Fallen Leaf tea shop in the Underworld
  • Fulvous Mongoose – merchant in the Veiled Market
  • Frothing Havok – 22nd son of the Fahr Fara
  • Lumo – Thunder Wyrm gang member who offended T’dara
  • Iya Wetu – Djala elder in Blackwater
  • Kemana Yacek – Tends the Daana’d shrine in Hundred Whispers
  • Kimatu Pala – The dead owner of the Vermillion Sangot in Eastgate
  • Metal Stance – Catta thug, loyal to Tobusa
  • Mother Memi – Copper Spider envoy to the Shrouded Suns circle
  • Muhat – Druken Southern and Catta local who is ‘friends’ with Varius
  • Ochre Fangs – Catta gangster who was murdered by the bloodflower thralls
  • Onyx Cana – Old pirate captain of the Tenth Queen.
  • Rubo – Tiger-style martial artist from Catta
  • Storm-Walking Suwana – apprentice to Unbroken Wugeki
  • Tenth Lord Halab – Prasadi slaver
  • Unoga – Mantis-style martial artist from Catta
  • Wise Umasi – Cowardly, traitorous savant (believed to be dead)

Y’dana – The Tranquil Shores

  • Aatmaj – Eldest son of Mahabala
  • Ithe – Djala boy from Boiling Rhino’s camp
  • Ometia – Ghostly woman drug into the Labyrinth by a spectre
  • Silver Sparrow – Old sorcerer of the Order of Nine Eyes
  • Sublime Marut – Martial arts ‘debator’ in Y’dana

Sahen – The Fortified Jungle Town

  • Kyoga – Murderer from Sahen who hates Varius for getting him captured
  • Night Monkey – Old shaman man from Sahen
  • Thayet – Man in Sahen the circle was sent to deliver a package to (deceased/possibly an alias?)

Exuberant Thrys – The Crossroads Village

  • Elder Bright Fountain – town elder of Thyrs
  • Elder Karow – town elder of Thyrs
  • Elder Nesura – town elder of Thyrs, medicine woman
  • Okemadan – former mayor of Sahen, now elder of Thyrs

Other Exalts

  • Emerald – Lunar, Mate to Seventh Feather
  • Ledaal Evora – Dragon-blooded (Air), reserved scholar and sorceress

Gods & Goddesses

  • Boiling Rhino – Ifrit Lord
  • Dense Chaparral – Head of the Court of Thrashing Wheat, the Southeastern court of elementals
  • Flawless Silhouette – umbral goddess, destroyed for Yozi reverence
  • Golden Eyes Facing Sunward – Sunflower goddess turned manse goddess of Pallid Garden.
  • He Who Devours the Disloyal – Wolf-like village god
  • Pale Crane – manse goddess of the Pallid Garden (deceased/destroyed)
  • Penyakit – Disease god of the Southeast
  • Roga – Disease goddess of the Southeast (deceased/destroyed)
  • Scintillating Journey Through Fields of Euphoria – Qat/Hashish goddess of the Southeast
  • Vigilant Witness – Goddess of owls (bound by the Blind Strix).
  • Wu Jun – Old city father of Champoor
  • Zin Zeyar – Goddess of the Dreaming Sea / Southeast

Other Entities

  • Artist Bound in Chains of Onyx and Sapphire – Lord of the Gilded Bazaar?
  • Ero Tan Li – Ghostly mentor to Seventh Feather
  • Jatuh – Cursed, seemingly immortal Scavenger Lord
  • Kagada-Shar – Armored behemoth buried beneath Champoor


  • Ballum – Spirit of Silver Sparrow’s tower
  • Banisso – ex-crewman of the Jubliant Wind
  • Grimskull – Erymanthus (Blood Ape) familiar of Jin-La
  • Kaligu – Demonic ‘cattle’ from Malfeas
  • Mama Seaweed – ghost of the woman once known as Iselsi Marek.
  • Old Nali – Capatain of the Jubilant Wind, pirate of the Dreaming Sea
  • Protector of the Beloved – Tomescu bound to T’dara by Jin-La
  • Radiant Dragonfly – Sorceress of the Order of Nine Eyes
  • Sanjani Bloodstone – Captain of the Jubilant Wind
  • Suondeka – Demon of the Second Circle, encountered outside Y’dana
  • Stone Smiting King – possibly paid to send assassin after Ebai
  • Undmoss – The leaf folk of the Southeastern jungles
  • Unsullied Tamarind – Djala merchant lord who came to take T’dara to the South

Miscellaneous NPCs

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