In the winding streets of Nagaraja, the bloodlines of the Serpent Queen hold sway. For three hundred years the serpent-kissed and their assassin orders have vyed for true control of their Queen’s legacy. By day the city is one of the most frequented trade hubs along the Dreaming Sea but by night intrigues and rivalries born in black blood play out in hopes of gaining the sacred, blackened heart of long vanquished Serpent Queen to retain their unnaturally long lives.

Many travel to Nagaraja seeking to learn the poisoners arts as no greater masters of vile toxins exist in Creation. The rare few seek to join assassin orders as old as the city itself and the foolish seek to become serpent-kissed – immortals poisoned by the ebony blood of the Serpent Queen’s undying heart forever chasing it’s call to power. Slowly becoming noble-blooded naga who hunger for human flesh and drink only virgin blood.

For the last thirty years Nagaraja have been locked in a cold war with the Empire of Ys. A war placed like a deadly game of gateway using spies, poison, infiltration and betrayal to delay more deadly warfare. The serpent-kissed hope to wear down and outlive the Ys while the sorcerers of Ysyr seek to gain the power to shatter the sorcery that gives the Serpent Queen’s children their strength.


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