Built within a giant clamshell, Phos is a sight to behold. It rises up from the depths of the Dreaming Sea, flooding out in all directions as the shell that defends it opens to reveal the gleaming city within carved from the nacre of a great pearl. It’s beauty has been written about in many songs and stories often along side warnings for those who do not know the city’s true nature.

For the city of Phos is the seat of a powerful Amethyst Court noble known as as Pasha Othoss and like any of the dream-eaters he is want to lure in mortals with glamorous allure. This leads many to fear that Phos is to great of a risk to enter for fear of becoming trapped by a Raksha lord and yet the docks of Phos are always filled with the ships of mortal men coming to do trade in the opalescent city.

Many ships come to Phos to do trade outside of prying eyes. Including those who wish to barter with the rokea, the shark-men who otherwise refuse to do trade with their prey, Pasha Othoss has convinced them to respect his rule and his city enough that a few of the smarter rokea come to do business – buying soul ravaged slaves from the raksha to feed their blood-thirsty rites.


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