The Bitter Hounds

Champoor’s most notorious gang. The Bitter Hounds are like cockroaches, they just coming back no matter what happens to them. Most of the other gangs of Ivory Dagger consider them a joke ever since they’re leader Pyre Wolf was killed by Pain Drinking Mantis over a turf dispute.

This led to Six-Fingered Kussan taking over the Bitter Hounds after he more or less lost a bet with the rest of the gang and was forced to step up to prove himself. Since then it’s been rather downhill. Most of the real thugs have moved on to other gangs leaving behind a rag-tag group of miscreants who are more a nuisance than a threat.

Members of Note:

Six-Fingered Kussan
The reckless, arrogant and fairly stupid leader of the Bitter Hounds. Word has it he is cursed by fate in such a way that he survives even he’s worst failures by rising up in the world.

The Bitter Hounds

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