The Faceless Tribes

The Faceless Tribes are the wandering, nomadic barbarians of the Southeast. In all there are four to five of these tribes all of whom cover their faces with masks of bone, leather and clay to hide their features behind elaborate visages. It is said they do this reverence to The Many-Faced Mother.

At least two Lunar Exalted have known ties to these tribes.

The largest of these tribes are Baara’s Children who are the most savage and blood-thirsty. They incorporate bits of anything they kill into their masks. They are led by a Lunar known as Klaive-Fanged Agung who wears the skin of a Tyrant Lizard.

The second largest, The Pesakit, are deeply spiritual people who follow the wisdom of Bright Pulut, a mongoose Lunar who leads his people against the wild nagas that plague their land.

The Faceless Tribes

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