The Nirodha Family

One of the oldest aristocratic families of Champoor. The Nirodha use to control the flow of bureaucracy throughout the city and their coffers ran deep as they were regularly bribed by wealthy merchants to ensure they could do business without interruption.

The Nirodha used to have deep ties to the Court of Secrets which is how they got to where they were. When the Prasadi took over the Court turned its back on them and they family turned on itself.

The vestiges of the family that remain have fallen far from grace. They’ve turned to necromancy and other means to wrest some small measure of power for themselves.

Family Members of Note:

Teveres Nirodha
Head of the family and well into his 60th year, Teveres is a ruthless man who has watched his family fall from grace and descend into darkness. He wants to restore his family’s name and fortune to prove his worth but has failed repeatedly to do so.

Ivenesti Nirodha
Teveres second wife, Ivenesti is a competent, intelligent woman who brought her necromantic ways into the family. She stands by her husband because she has some use for him yet.

Livasa Nirodha
Deceased daughter of Teveres. Has sway in the Underworld of Champoor. Was supposedly killed by Ivenesti and bound to her through necromancy.

Imen and Yenen Nirodha
A pair of ghost-blooded twins and children of Livasa and adopted by Teveres. They are identical and have bizarre tastes.

The Nirodha Family

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