The Pallid Garden

Manse Layout

Top Floor

  • One large room with statues of unknown figures. walls around statue depict a relief of the Primordial War with iconographic caste representations worked in.
  • Large stained glass window over head, partially damaged
  • This chamber was used for ceremonial purposes / possibly also as war room.
  • Orichalcum along back wall contains an etched litany of the laws of the manse. It has faded over the past few days and nothing is written upon it any longer.

2nd Floor

  • Three large private rooms and a larger room to the back of the manse that contains the hearthstone chamber.
  • Hearthstone chamber is also an indoor garden filled with unusual plants.
    • 1st private room – to front of manse – trophy room (raided)
    • 2nd private room – to left of front – library
    • 3rd private room – to right of front – meditation chamber.

Third Floor

  • Grand entryway adorned with central state of the Unconquered Sun reaching nearly to the ceiling at one point, now lying in ruins where the raksha had torn it down.
  • Wrap-around hallway with private rooms. Large meeting room to the back. three smaller rooms on either side. Stairs in the back leading up, stairs in front leading down * Rooms seem to be private quarters / guest room.


  • Currently inaccessible.

The Pallid Garden

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