The Thrice-Cursed Jackal Clan

The Thrice-Cursed Jackal Clan are a criminal organization that has gained legitimacy throughout Champoor over the last few years. They protect neighborhood and businesses throughout the Nighted City and in return get a cut of their profits, ‘donations’ to their cause, and the like and use this to return an investment back into Champoor through drugs, weapons, and the like that keeps turning a profit.

It’s said those who go against them or who caused trouble with them fall under a vicious curse that only the the clan can remove. True or not, the Jackal Clan seem to be everywhere these days and claim a lot of turf in Ivory Dagger, one of Champoor’s most vicious burroughs.

This didn’t used to be the case, however. The Jackal Clan used to just be street thugs and drug-pushers until they were taken over by Vicious Maw of Iron a few years back. Iron Maw killed and supposedly ate the former boss of the clan. He’s reasons were simple: he won’t settle for anything less than being on top and anyone who gets in his way he’ll kill and consume to gain their strength. Under Iron Maw the clan has grown quickly to the point that Iron Maw has appointed three underbosses of the clan to oversee its affairs throughout the city.

Members of Note:

Vicious Maw of Iron
Boss of the clan. A vicious shark like Wyld mutant who has far reaching plans for the Nighted City.

Bitter Devil Tobusa
Underboss of the clan that oversees its presence in Catta. Tobusa is a vicious martial artist who spends a lot of his time in undergrounds fight clubs of Catta.

The Thrice-Cursed Jackal Clan

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