The Thunder Wyrms

The Thunder Wyrms exist to prove their strength, that the way of the sword and the first give them dominance of those who are weak. Only the strong are worthy of respect and those who are strongest should be shown honor and deference until you are able to defeat them.

This is the teaching of the ex-monk turned gang leader known as Pain Drinking Mantis who founded the Thunder Wyrms nine years ago when he first came to Champoor. He has turned a aimless bunch of cut-purses and sellswords into a rigid martial arts gang who seek to dominate all others through their skill and might.

Unlike many of Champoor’s gangs the Thunder Wyrms show respect and honor where it is due or else their boss ‘reminds’ them with the lessons of the clenched fist.

Members of Note:
Pain Drinking Mantis
A man of very few words who chooses to let his actions speak for themselves. Some say he is the son of a prominent Dynast and was trained in the Immaculate faith but abandoned that faith for other teachings.

The Thunder Wyrms

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