-Sea shanties from across the Dreaming Sea tell stories of paradises hidden upon the waters that many spend their lives chasing and never finding. Such stories are popular and describe many treasured lands waiting to be found but most are myths made up to scam coins from gullible folks. Yet one such isle of paradise does exist the isle of Bhajet upon which lies the ethereal city of Tupla.

The city of Tulpa is a wonder to behold as if it were pulled from a dream of a distant age. While not truly a First Age city still in tact it has the look, feel and grandeur of such a city as if t were taken straight for the a tale of the era of lost glories.

Within Tupla wine flows like water, delicious food is free to anyone who hungers, and pleasures of the flesh are easy to come by. The violet-eyed natives of the city entice people to indulge and be free, to express who they truly are without restraint and almost all who come to Tulpa do exactly that.

The only problem is that Tulpa isn’t real. It is an illusion, a convincing and mostly tangible one, but it is only as real as a dream. Every day the people of Tulpa live the same day over again, seemingly unware and unable to become of aware that they are doing so. Each day the live, and love, and play and enjoy themselves and at midnight they vanish- leaving the city empty of all but the few real people within it who by that time are usually deeply drunk, intoxicated or fast asleep from carnal bliss.

Those who do remain awake sometimes find odd goings on in the late hours of the night. Apparitions, strange gods, or other such things appear and change thing in the city in subtle ways before vanishing at first light of dawn. They are not aggressive but if interfered with they do defend themselves and have no interest or ability to explain what they are doing or why.

For the Chosen and those like them the city is a curiosity and often an addictive one. While it holds no sway over them it does tend to leave them live as they wish and over time the lives and nature of the violet-eyed people around them change to fit the wants and desires of such beings.

Mortals, however, are at risk of losing who they are to the nature of Tulpa. Each day they stay within the city they forget bits of who they are and why they came, until slowly over seven to thirteen days their eyes turn violet and they become no more real than anyone else in the city, unable to leave without vanishing at midnight and returning to the city at dawn. Every time this happens, one of the people of Tulpa becomes real, their eyes changing to a different color and them becoming as flesh and blood as the person who was lost to the city. No one knows why or how this happens and it doesn’t seem malevolent or even intentional, these newly ‘real’ people don’t know what has happened only that they can’t stay within the city any longer-


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