The island nation of Y’dana is one of the most serene, peaceful places in all Creation, or at least that is how it seems. Even in this tumultuous age, the Tranquil Shores have remarkably remained apart from the conflicts and struggles of the rest of the world. Instead Y’dana has turned inward and become a place of reflection and spiritual enlightenment. Few who have visited Y’dana returned unchanged by the their time there. Even those deeply embittered by the sorrows that this age suffers through are often able to find peace amongst the Y’danese and their joyous ways.

Ruled over by the lunar monk known as Mahabala for the last three-hundred years, Y’dana did not always been an oasis in a world of hardship. When the chosen of Luna arrived on its shores it will inhabited by three warring tribes. Mahabala united these native people and spread to them a wisdom he has found within many his life. His teachings became the foundation of faith that has guided many to find enlightenment and insight through abandoning violent conflict, both internally and externally.

The Isles of Y’dana

Ananda is is the cradle from which the Y’dana most know was raised. It was here that Mahabala converted an ancient, desolated war manse into a sprawling, city-spanning temple known as the Hearth of Bountiful Joy. The ancient stones of this manse were re-purposed with the intent of protecting the nation of Y’dana, turning a sword into a shield. Its many structures stripped down and turned into shrines, libraries, stages and the like, places of culture and reflection that could better mortal lives and show them a better way. It is from this temple that Mahabala, his children, and those monks who follow in their ways have guide and lead the city to such prosperity.

Bahvi Pura
Closest to the southern shores that tie Y’dana to the rest of Creation, Bahvi Pura is a great expanse of tamed wilderness. Expansive farmlands cover most of this isle providing all the good needed by the Y’danese. High in its central mountains ancient sages meditate high above the world in solitude, reflecting on the wisdom Creation whispers into their minds. Many powerful elementals loyal to the nation keep their spiritual demesnes in Bavi Pura.

Indamatu is the northernmost island of Y’dana and was named for Mahabala’s ancient Solar mate. The wind swept veldts of Indamatu see few travelers. It is here on this isle great temple-mausoleums were raised to honor those who Creation should never forget. These ancient, towering statue-like structures rise up out of these flat lands along and up to the tops of plateaus covered in graves and small shrines to gods and mortals like who’s deaths the Y’danese honor above all others.

This small isle off the western coast of Ananda holds the remains of a battlefield frozen entirely in stone. From the look of its combatants it appears to be a battle from the Contagion era and many raksha are amongst those calcified on in the low valley where the battle stands forever unfinished. One of Creation’s most reputable klaive makers, a chosen of Earth known only as Sahajan, lives on his isle. Having abandoned his weapon-making ways to live a simple fisherman’s life.

The Sages



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